Beware WhatsApp users



WhatsApp users have been asked to be aware of the new scam which is asking WhatsApp users to pay a subscription fee of GBP 0.99 to continue to use WhatsApp. Facebook owned WhatsApp was made free last year. Initially, WhatsApp was charging its users a very small fee which was removed last year.

WhatsApp messenger is completely free to use and anyone can download it. If you have received any message saying that your subscription has been expired and you need to pay subscription fee to continue using WhatsApp, immediately delete the message and run any antivirus software installed on your phone. Better block the person whom you received the message so that they cannot contact you again.

The scam mainly focuses on making people to click the link and provide their payment details on the clicked link. You don’t have to worry if you have not clicked the link. But if you have clicked the link and provided your payment details then beware.

Last month the world saw one of the biggest cyberattack in the name of WannaCry. Users are asked to be careful while using the Internet. Do not click any suspicious links. One wrong click and you may end up losing all your data to a hacker. Click only links from trusted websites. Keeping us safe from hackers is in our hands.


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